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Episode 9 - English tea with a side of catfish

On this weeks podcast we continue our path down the catfish river. What Rima and I thought at first might have only happened to us, being catfished by an evil woman creating fictional family members who had CF, was sadly not the case. After our Episode 6 podcast a few weeks ago we were contacted by a member of the CF community in the UK who had not only been in contact with this person, but, met her in the flesh. Holly, a strong, beautiful, vibrant, funny, caring and double lung transplant recipient recounts her associations and "friendship" with Katy, the catfish succubus. Listen to her melodic and hypnotizing British accent as she paints quite the vivid and true story of how Katy started to embody a catfish. Holly, unbeknownst to her gave Katy pivotal and crucial information that would inspire her to create fictional personas, like, Makayla who "had" CF. We teamed up together across the Atlantic Ocean to bring more light to this serious issue we believe has not been talked about enough in the chronic illness communities. We hope to educate and spread awareness; follow your gut and don't be afraid to ask questions. If people have nothing to hide, then they should have no problem answering truthfully. I continue with my mantra from the last episode, eat catfish don't be eaten by them!

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