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Episode 8 - Health, wellness & giggles


On this weeks podcast we have a very special guest. One that has been in our lives for many years. Rima's best friend since she was 5 years old! Olivia, an inspirational, push yourself, laugh till you drop, positivity radiating from her soul, every day type of badass woman. In the age of self-love and self-care Olivia has found her niche. Functional medicine is her compass. Take a listen and learn about eating correctly, how crash diets don't work, shocking, I know... Olivia tries to tackle and assist Rima's, for lack of a better word, "poor eating habits". She touches on subjects like kombucha, gut health, intuitive eating and more. She is all about listening to your body and fixing issues with food and lifestyle changes vs taking a pill to just cover up the problem. A great way to live your life, especially if you deal with chromic issues. Food is the source of life, so of course it can make or break a healthy life. We are so happy she got to spread some of her knowledge with us, and, you! Check her site out here!

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