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Episode 11 - Salty Cysters Cali Style

On this weeks podcast we have the pleasure of interviewing one of Rima’s amazing salty cysters. What may you ask is a salty cyster, well, these special nicknames are used between friends in the Cystic Fibrosis community, referring to another person who has CF. Rima and Tiffany are not just friends, or salty cysters but also have experienced very similar journeys recently. Receiving a double lung transplant and moving through the motions of post transplant life. Tiff get’s real about her journey with Cystic Fibrosis and getting a transplant. We discuss organ donation, which is very close to Tiffany’s heart. Check out this episode and learn more about this amazing woman who is so full of life and passion. You can find her on YouTube at Tiffany Rich. IG @tiffrich22 @Saltycysters and listen to her own podcast at @breathe_in_pod

Episode 12 - Meet The Stroops

Episode 10 - Sister signals