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Episode 13 - Caregiving & Cancer

On this weeks podcast we interview a very special human; Kim, a long time friend and now part of my Minneapolis family. She was a big part of our support system when Rima was going through her double lung transplant this past year. Kim, is no stranger to being a caregiver, she knows what it’s like to advocate for someone who is sick, not just someone, but, a loved one, a family member, a parent. Her dad was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was young and beat the odds year after year, fourteen years to be exact! Tune in and learn about Kim’s father and how she had to step into caregiver’s shoes early on in life. Such a strong, caring, happy and amazing person, Kim has taken all the good and bad and grown from it and made the best out of some sour lemons. Perspective, positive thinking and the occasional laugh can sometimes get you through the hardest times in life, something Kim lived by and still does. So grateful she shared her story with us!

Episode 12 - Meet The Stroops