All around town

It's been a bit since I was last able to post. I guess that's a good thing in a way since it means our days are filled and almost non-stop.

Lung happy

The week after Rima got home from the hospital was an awesome one! She was off oxygen! No more leash around the house!

Wonder Woman, Vol. 4

Friday May 19th, was probably the most low-key day we had during Rima's hospital stay. When I arrived in the morning she was in a lot of pain. She said her pain was at an 8 on the pain scale.

Wonder Woman Vol. 2

The doctors told me that they would round at around 8am in the morning to Rima's room in the ICU. I had another pretty sleepless night, again.

Zen Rima

I'm really lucky that Rima and I get along so well. To be quite frank, I could have totally been screwed. I tell this to Rima often; that I'm lucky she is the way she is.

Rima and her nut

Not many of us can say we've had the same friends through all our stages in life, so far. There are a few lucky people who connect at a very young age and don't let time, distance, change or growth tear them away from each other.