Hi! I'm Rima. I'm 27. I love all animals. I went to school for environmental science. I would love to save animals for a living. One of my goals is to help endangered species. Sorry not sorry about my sarcasm. I love wearing fun socks. I wish my stomach was half as big as my eyes when it came to food. I love plants and gardening. Naps rule. I use to own a beer funnel called Fiona. I like to give nick names to people, animals, stomachs, etc. (my stomachs' name is Earl). I used to have an addiction to candy. One of my favorite summertime activity is floating on inflatable animals in lakes.

Hi, I'm Laima. I'm 29. I've lived in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brooklyn, and now Colorado. I love camping and concerts. Interior design junky and food enthusiast. Tacos and pizza rule my stomach. Favorite colors, black, white, and gray. Sarcasm comes naturally, don't be offended. Charlie from Always Sunny is king. Picnics and hammocks. Bonfire is the ultimate scent.